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The Inner Struggle of Combating AIDS

As I reflect on my last 2 weeks in South Africa, I feel as though I am in a continuous state of opposition, where various forces are constantly at war with each other. -The beauty of the countryside vs. poverty-stricken villages -The hope of a better future vs. the despair of the ever-present reality of […]

A Time to Care: World AIDS Day 2008

Before heading back to South Africa for the next 2 weeks, I stopped for one last coffee at Starbucks, and there it was… in big (RED) letters, a bold reminder of why I was going in the first place: World AIDS Day, December 1. As I reluctantly paid for my $4 latte, I was also […]

Race, Politics and Change

Growing up in the mid-west, I was raised a good Christian girl where everyone looked like me, dressed like me, and as far as I knew was Republican like me. Diversity was not something I experienced until my freshman year at Notre Dame. My education extended beyond my basic academic classes: as my African American […]

Pain in Patriotism

There are two things just about every house in The Heartland (Indiana) have hanging up: a basketball hoop and a flag. Raised as a good old country girl, patriotism was woven into my psyche as a child. As the words of Lee Greenwood’s song, I was always, “Proud to be an American . .” Throughout […]

Life in Latvia

Greetings from Riga, Latvia, a beautiful city in the Baltic region of Europe.  Ashamed of how little I knew about the country that was my home for the last two months, I took it upon myself to do a little research.  As I walked through the enchanting “Old Town” which reminded me a lot of […]

Girls Celebration of Sports

As I spoke at the NFHS (National Federation State High School Associations) Girls and Women in Sports Luncheon in Indianapolis last week, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the different perspectives in the crowd. There were hundreds of female high school athletes there, the direct beneficiaries of 35 years of Title IX legislation. Sitting next to […]

Heart to Heart

When was the last time you actually thought about the condition of your heart? No, I am not talking about the pitter-patter feeling that we associate with being in love, or the painful ache that comes when our heart is broken. I am talking about whether it is healthy and strong and able to keep […]

A Visionary Woman in South Africa

Contrasting factors of race and age are evident at first glance, but upon further investigation you will discover the thread that ties them together is that of the Thembalethu. Serving 13 villages near the southeast corner of Mpumalanga Province in South Africa, this Home-Based Care project (literally translated: “our hope”) has been operating since July […]

Small Steps to Eliminating AIDS

In the WNBA, I have the task of competing against some of the best athletes in the world, but in my trip to South Africa a few weeks ago I was faced with the challenge of combating one of the greatest killers in our world: AIDS. I am going to spend the next few blogs […]

Basketball in Bamako (Mali)

Walking in the basketball arena in Bamako, Mali, my eyes went straight to the two slightly bent rims on either side of undoubtedly one of the nicest basketball court in the country. As I turned around, I was greeted by 60 pairs of eyes staring curiously at me. With the help of a few of […]