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Dream Team of Health Care

As I alluded to in my introduction to this trip, Mali is orchestrating the largest integrated health campaign in the world. Translation to my sports readers . . the DREAM TEAM of health campaigns. Any time you get a group of All-Stars together, whether they are the best athletes in the world, or public and […]

Inspiring Women

What comes to mind when I say “Inspiring women?” Is it the face of a mother or grandmother who made numerous sacrifices to raise you? Maybe a teacher who gave you the knowledge and confidence to pursue your dreams? A friend or family member who courageously confronted cancer? In the WNBA, we celebrate Inspiring Women—in […]

Just a Voice

Talking is an integral part of today’s culture, to the point where we can barely wait for the plane to land before we turn on our cell phones. We are constantly in conversation: talking to friends, co-workers, family members or lovers. In America it would be hard for us to imagine this, but what if […]

Back to San Antonio

With a small break in my schedule, I recently returned to San Antonio to see what I could accomplish in four quick days . . . First of all, I was reminded about how quick our off-season goes—can you believe it has already been 2 months since our season ended?? It was good to be […]

Picking up the pen again…

After taking the summer off from blogging, I figured I might “pick up the pen” so to speak and get back to writing. My off-season so far has been a bit chaotic, so I will try to bring you up to speed pretty quick. In the beginning of Oct, I found myself at the National […]

NBA Finals 2007

Ever since I can remember, my coaches have always said, “defense wins championships.” Well, after this year’s NBA Finals, I would beg to differ!! I definitely have friends who live by the philosophy that their offense is their best defense—I am not prepared to go to that extreme, but I do think that the role […]

Easter in Israel

I am currently playing for Lotos, Gdynia (Poland), where we just had 3 days off for Easter. It was not enough time to go home, so I thought I would do the next best thing: go to Israel. I am very open about my Christian Faith, so I thought it would be a unique experience […]

Right or Responsibility?

As I spend more time working with Nothing But Nets, I have surprisingly answered a lot of questions about why I am doing this on a personal level and also why the NBA is involved on a global level? The very first time I got this question, I was honestly shocked—I had prepared my talking […]

Becoming a Player in the Game of Eliminating AIDS

Have you ever sat next to someone at a game who knew absolutely NOTHING about basketball? Every play they were like a 3 year-old asking, “but why . . .” That’s what I felt like on this trip: clueless, but very interested. Every question I raised brought yet another one to be answered. I felt […]

Kenya: World AIDS Day

Once upon a time, far-far away, there lived a brave little orphan girl . . . . both her parents died from a terrible disease, and upon realizing that she will face the rest of her life without the people she came to know as “mom” and “dad” she courageously faces the fact that she […]