Donating My Birthday!!

Since I am way past the period of my life where I expect gifts or get excited about adding another year to my age, I decided take the day and celebrate it by donating my birthday to one of my favorite charities!!  I have been a founding spokesperson with NothingButNets, and witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of malaria as well as the unbelievable joy expressed by mothers who are given this life-saving net for their children!!

I’m donating my birthday because I believe every child should have the chance to experience the joy and excitement of a birthday. But every year, more than half a million African children affected by malaria don’t make it to their next birthday – that’s one child every 60 seconds. Malaria is a disease spread by a single mosquito bite.  Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria — which is easily prevented through the use of an insecticide-treated net.  A net costs just $10 to purchase, deliver, and educate the recipient on its proper use.

If you want to make a $10 birthday donation, just log on to: NothingButNetsBirthday and all proceeds go directly to NothingButNets!!!



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