A New Day for Our Nation

Alone in my apartment in Rivas, Spain, I sat unmoving, yet entirely moved, as I watched the historic inauguration of our 44th president of the United States of America. My spirit rejoiced with the millions of others, past and present, who believed that the virtuous words of equality that our nation was founded on would one day transpire into an undeniable reality.

With a triad of emotions, I sat in reflection of the past, present and future. I was sincerely saddened by the existence of slavery and injustice that fills the pages of our nation’s history. I found myself unbelievably humbled and grateful to those who held steadfast to the vision of what our nation could be, whose life purpose was to be a part of the road of progress. Although slow in its development, and not always evident in their lifetime, the residual effects of their vision came to culmination this day. What an amazing reminder that what we stand for today, may not always be apparent in our own lives, but it will most definitely shape the direction of generations to come. Then, there was the hope and inspiration of what lies ahead, as we continue to battle some of the challenges of old as well as those that accompany a new time and a new age.

President Obama spoke of a new era of responsibility, that we are the guardians of our liberty, and should embody the spirit of service both domestically and abroad. In these tough times we must be committed to working hard, being a part of the solution, and extending a helping hand. What is it that you would like to see changed in your life, in your community or quite possibly in the world we live in? What is your passion or area of influence? Does your neighborhood need a better community center? Children need mentors? Elderly need companionship? Let us all become active participants in the realm of change we wish to see take place.

With a renewed sense of unity, let us continue down the road of progress, taking ownership in our actions now, as we define not only the legacy that we will leave behind but also the possibility of what is yet to come!

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