Ruth Riley

Here’s a little in of about myself. I was born in Ransom, Kansas, but spent most of the life in Macy, Indiana. Not many of you have heard of either of the cities, which is to be expected. If I wasn’t living on a farm, I was living in a very small country town.

My mom, Sharon Riley, has been my role model growing up. I admire the way she raised three kids on her own. We definitely didn’t have a lot of the luxuries in life, but since my mom was so creative about the way she raised us, we never felt we were going without. Faith, hard work, and respect were values that she instilled in us from a young age–and have proven to be the foundation of who I am today.

Rachel Riley, is not just my older sister, but my best friend as well. We were always in competition for the best grades, so it was only fitting that we ended up both attending the University of Notre Dame.

My brother is my other half when it comes to basketball. We grew up playing many heated games of one-on-one, which continues every time we are together now. Although it took him till my junior year in college to first beat me, I must say he is pretty tough competition now!!

Macy Indiana